Artist Statement

The studio work with which I am engaged explores the integration of mixed media elements that culminate in painting. Although still and moving digital media are used at the conceptual stages, it is the paint that most effectively materializes the combination of content and corresponding voids. Each body of work explores different ways in which our landscapes transform and how they are remembered. I think of my work in the landscape painting tradition, a history that still remains limitless with representational possibility.

My work relies on an inclusive and open-minded approach to art history. The paintings are heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism and color field painting, accompanied by fine lines and forms that may be loosely drawn or finely calculated. Being from the Southwest, my work is affected by the visual austerity of the (desert) landscape. I am interested in creating paintings that cohesively converge imagination and reality, the graphic and atmospheric, figurative and abstract, scientific and random, in other words creating space where opposing forces can co-exist.

By Elizabeth Blau 2012

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